Antroperspektiv takes readers behind the scenes of contemporary events to offer a deeper understanding of our complex and diverse world. Our writers are anthropologists with fieldwork experience amongst the people and places that often appear in news media and public debates in Sweden, and globally. In other cases, they have knowledge of subjects that usually remain in the shadows of public awareness, but that are nonetheless critical for understanding culture, politics and everyday life in Sweden, and elsewhere.

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Antroperspektiv is a blog belonging to the Swedish Anthropological Association (SANT). SANT was established in 1991.  The mission of SANT is to serve as a forum for anthropology in Sweden, and thus to promote the development of scholarship and teaching in anthropology and its applied areas, anthropological knowledge and expertise in various contexts, to protect the professional interests of anthropologists, and to inform about anthropology, and actively work for an increased understanding of anthropology´s social and cultural scholarship at universities, governmental authorities and among the general public.

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Blog Editors:

Nina Gren is a Lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Social Anthropology Division, Department of Sociology, Lund University.

Nimmo Elmi is a doctoral student in Social Anthropology at Thematic Studies: Technology and Social Change, Linköping University.